29 de junho de 2010

Desire for Superficial Sermons

I’m now flying from Capetown back to Jo’Burg, and reading John MacArthur’s book: “The Jesus you can’t ignore” .
He says: “The desire to listen to superficial sermons that will please and entertain people exists mostly because people still have this popular myth that Jesus was always lovely and pleasant.”
You know, Jesus preached some hard stuff to religious people, and many of His followers decided to leave Him after they listened to important truths.
Sometimes I’m afraid we are preaching too much about things that will get people’s attention and simpathy, and need to focuse on important things that have been left out of most modern pulpits.
It’s an everyday exercise!

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Leopoldo Teixeira disse...

Não é a toa que as igrejas que crescem bastante, inclusive nos EUA, pregam um "evangelho" de auto-ajuda... A verdade muitas vezes assusta e afasta.