29 de junho de 2010

How do I come to see the Lord...

I decided to write this post in english in honor of my friends from across de sea and America, so that they can read it.
I’m at the airport in Durban waiting to flight to Capetown, South Africa, and just read James 4:10, that talks about being humble before the Lord.
You know these days TV and everyone else want us to think that we (human) are in the center of the world, and that it’s all about us…that we should try to smile all the time and be happy and seek for more money and personal achievements etc…
Even not wanting, we are exposed to that and we are influenced by that…this is scary…We need to try hard to follow Jesus…to be like Him…to love…etc…but also We need to cry our heart out before Him…We sin everyday…We need Him everyday…let’s realize not only in words that it’s all about Him!

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